My name is Joshua Edward Pack

I joined United States Navy in 2003. I started out as a machinist mate or MM . I did three years on the USS Cleveland and did a west PAC with them. I didn’t cross rate to Utilities-men or UT. As a UT2 I served with United States Navy Seabees.

I did several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. When I returned I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after I was discharged from the United States Navy in 2013. Since I’ve been discharged I started a nonprofit to help homeless veterans by building a tiny house community here in Cookeville TN. We hope to start building the community in 2018.

Being back in the civilian world and not having the brotherhood I once had in the navy lead to difficult times. I found the brotherhood I had lost by joining the DAV. The DAV has become my number one source for information as well as my outlet. It’s comforting knowing I have a family in the DAV.